Organizing Collection & Management of Huge Data

Need & Challenge – Our client, one for the microbial culture & genes bank; producing lot of data in the process of collecting, identifying and selling pathogens to various research & pharmaceutical institutions. They were looking for a platform that streamlines the collection and management of the data being produced at each stage of there operations.

The challenges here were:

  • Different departments executing different parts and separately collecting the data either manually or in XLSs or using some database system.
  • Unstructured data, high in quantum & with vast number of attributes getting produced and a decent sized data already collected.
  • No scope of human error in saving or performing operations on this data, as it is being used for clinical research.

Solution – We developed role based software solution using latest web technologies, which enabled our client to have a streamlined process of collecting data being produced and tracking operations being performed by different departments.

End Customers – These are users who buy cultures available with the culture bank or they send their pathogens for identification, isolation and storing. Easy to use interface allow these users to quickly do this and pay online.

Department head & team members – Based on type of service request being placed by the end customers they get tools to perform action and make deliveries to the customer along with elaborated experimentation reports.

Organization head – We call this as the super user who get tools to monitor & moderate data being collected, orders/requests customers are placing, tasks the team members of different departments are performing, deliveries being made to the customers and performance of the platform.

Result –

  • One platform for all departments to operate.
  • Organized structures for storing and retrieval of data being produced.
  • Very little or no scope for human errors.
  • Considerable number of man-hours saved.
  • Quick turn around time for deliveries to customers.
  • Satisfied & Happy client.