Big Contacts List Delivery & Management

Challenge – Our client who is a contact list seller and owned a list of around 3 million contacts of educationists from all 52 states of America. He wanted a simple way to be able to manage these lists, which included regular refreshing of it and being able to easily filter these lists based on requirements of his customers.

The challenges here were:

  • Quick delivery of data irrespective of quantum of data to be served,
  • Shallow or no scope of human error while new data is being added and
  • Delivery of data without involving any human effort.

Solution – We developed a three-fold web based software solution using latest web technologies, which enabled him to sell data with ease and without involving human effort, which allowed him to keep the pricing competitive.

First layer of our solution was for our client’s data team to easily upload and refresh the data on regular basis. The second layer is for customers to simply filter the data they need; pay for it and have it delivered in less then 3 minutes. Third and the final layer is for our client that allows him to easily moderate & monitor working of the platform, orders being placed and data being served automatically.

The layer that delivers the data; delivers few hundred records or even few hundred thousand data records in less then 3 minutes. While the data team is updating or refreshing the data, it does not impact working of any other layer of the application.

Result –

  • Happy client as all his expectations were delivered.
  • No scope of human error.
  • Quick & automated delivery of data.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Disruption in market.
  • Edge over competitors.
  • Our client can focus more on sales then managing the operations.